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Cycle Wings are the ultimate " BIKE ART " front axle nut covers. Each piece is precision die cast in high tensile 380 aluminum and then " triple chrome plated " and buffed to perfection! CycleWings - Custom motorcycle parts and bike accessories.

Brand: The Eagle Wing
Type: Axle Nut Cover Accessory
Shipping: Included at checkout
Location: San Diego, CA
Price: $129.95 plus (+ $8.00 shipping)

Triple Chromed (1 Pair)

srChrome Wings
Brand: The Spirit Rider
Type: Axle Nut Cover Accessory
Shipping: Included at checkout
Location: San Diego, CA
Price: $139.95 (+ $8.00 shipping)

Triple Chromed (1 Pair)

Special Order your Eagle Wings in our custom powder-coated colors. Beautiful solids and  translucent colors to match your bikes’ color scheme. A wide range of custom powder-coat colors both solid translucent are available to choose from.

Motorcycle Axle Nut Covers!

Meet Mike

Dedicated Motorcycle Enthusiast

  • Mike Lyons


  • Mike Lyons has been riding motorcycles for a good part of his life. Mike appreciates the pride of ownership and wanting his own bike to stand out among the rest. After looking at the photo gallery you will agree that Mike’s axle covers are that final finishing touch for your motorcycle.

Like other Harley Davidson enthusiasts Mike had dressed his bike out to what he would describe as perfection. It was sunny day and he was kicking back with a couple of brews admiring his bike. But, It was missing something he thought to himself. It needed some sort of finishing touch on that front end. Something out of the ordinary to cover those axle nuts.


At that moment an FTD florist truck drove by, and just as if he were hit by that truck the idea hit him special delivery. And there were those great wings on Mercury’s helmet on the side of that truck – it all came to him. Mike immediately set out to buy carving materials and a milling machine and went to work. After finishing what he believed to be art, Mike took his wings to a foundry to be cast and he was finally able to add that finishing touch to his bike.

Events Calendar

Find out where Mike and his CycleWings are next.  Mike's events calendar is a guide to motorcycle festivals and events in the US. View the calendar for dates and details.

Cycle Wings will be at the Laughlin Nevada Show 2018

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Hello! Read about the latest info from CycleWings and Mike's Blog. Interesting Motorcycle maintenance and gear reviews, touring tips, product reviews, and more from the motorcycle world. CycleWings - Custom Motorcycle Accessories and Custom Axle Nut Covers.

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